eCommerce Mailer Boxes

eCommerce Mailer Boxes are a great way to not only showcase your brand but also protect your products from damage during shipping. 

At Gutenberg Print Pack Solutions, we offer two main categories of mailer boxes:

  • Kraft Mailer Box
  • Premium Mailer Box



Kraft mailer boxes are an economical way to produce branded packaging. We offer single side or double side printing either in 1-color or 2-color designs. 

Kraft mailer boxes are perfect when you want to maintain a natural feel to your packaging or if you desire an eco-friendly packaging option.



Our premium mailer boxes are litho-laminated. These are perfect for full color designs. We offer complete range finishing options such as matte / gloss laminate, spot UV, and foil stamping. 

You can also order custom inner partition, if needed.


We've produced thousands of these boxes for our clients over the years. Get in touch with us and we will gladly assist you with your mailer box packaging.

For regular shipping boxes,

Contact us via 0917-829-7712 or through the contact form below.